Church Music Ministry Books by Vernon Sanders

The Choir in Modern Worship

The Choir in Modern Worship by Vernon Sanders

A Step by Step Guide for Every Choir and Any Worship Style  

The leadership of today's choir involves more than teaching the notes on a page. The director of today’s modern worship must look beyond the rehearsal and worship space and into the hearts and minds of those with whom they share ministry.

This best selling E-book is filled with “how to” information for every level of music director. It will even show how playing games can make your choir sing better in only 15 minutes. It will also help you understand the things that mark a successful choir in modern worship. The book also includes sample choir objectives and a helpful list of spiritual resources.

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7 Steps to a Perfect Music Ministry Budget

7 Steps to a "Perfect" Music Ministry Budget by Vernon Sanders

A Step by Step Guide for Various-sized Churches

Church money problems never go away, and not having enough is the most common issue. A growing church's needs always outpace the giving level. Thus, someone who can manage a budget is a ministry hero. The secret of being a budget hero is all in the presentation of your numbers. Do it wrong and the board will want to cut your request. Do it right and they may even give you more than you have requested. (Yes, that does happen)

That’s why you need this book. You can use it year after year ... it never goes out-of-style. Just update the critical information every year and you’re good to go. Using the simple process in this book will help you figure out what your ministry's unique needs are, and make the case for what your ministry needs may pay for itself.

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