Beyond the Tomb

Easter is more than two ladies talking with three angels beside an empty hole in the ground two thousand years ago. Easter is today! On one hand as old as the sun, on the other as new as the dawn. But to have any real effect on us and our society, we have to make every effort to make the truth apply."

This musical, Beyond the Tomb, is a step in that direction. The glory of the first Easter is triumphantly explored while at the same time, the thrill and challenge of it all are moved to the 20th century.

Dynamically, Pilate and Mary and Peter and the Roman soldier speak to us from their past... with a penetrating look to our future. Without sacrificing any commitment to excellence, Beyond the Tomb is an enjoyably singable and delightfully musical expression of the season. New and original material is combined with Easter favorites in an appealing variety which is both fresh and familiar.

Three times your congregation is asked to join in the musical experience by sharing with the choir in singing the sensitive "Were You There?", the overwhelming "He Lives", and the concluding "Christ the Lord is Risen Today."

Beyond the Tomb is message music to be believed, expressed, and shared.
This musical is very attainable for your adult SATB choir or ensemble and can be performed with piano, tracks, or orchestra.

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