The Time Tunnel

Welcome to the TIME TUNNEL... a very extraordinary amusement parkride!

Come and ride with us to ancient Babylon where we'll see old King "Neb" and Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego... or how about going back to the Eden Garden Zoo to meet Adam and Eve (and their friends")?

Time Tunnel consists of two musicals in one - "Talk About a Hot Seat" and "New Kids in Town." These can be presented in one performance or either one could be presented as a standalone program.

We promise you a ride that you won't soon forget. All aboard!!!

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"Talk About a Hot Seat - Opener"

"Talk About a Hot Seat"

"Nebuchadnezzar and Reprise"

"Deliverance Song"

"Walkin' in the Fire"

"Talk About a Hot Seat Finale"

"New Kids in Town - Opener"

"New Kids in Town"

"It's Good and Reprise"

"Created in His Image"

"Eden Garden Zoo"

"Time Tunnel Finale"