The Love Story

The Love Story is a musical parable of Calvary love -- a new and fresh look at a very old and rugged cross. The Love Story is a true story. The people, the places, and the events are real. It all begins as a little girl "happens" upon the few simple possessions left to this world by a woman named Bertha Allen. A couple of worn dresses, a pair of funny shoes, and an old picture album... not much more really! However, if you were to ask those who knew her, they would be quick to tell you that she had indeed willed them all a fortune... a fortune of her infinite love.

But even more than all that, her love served as a pathway which led them to the arms of Jesus, who loved us and gave Himself for our sins. Yes, Bertha Allen was just an ordinary woman, but God's love fashioned her life into a crystal showcase of the greatest love story of all times.

God bless each of you as once again we remember Calvary.

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The Love Story - Opening"

"Interlude I and My Everything"

"Interludes II and III and Psalm 150"

"Interlude IV and The Lord is My Shepherd"

"His Steady Love"

"Interlude V and The Old Fashioned Meeting"

"Welcome to My Life"

"Heavenly Medley"

"Behold the King"

"I Love You Reprise and Ending"