All Easter

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"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

Hallelujah Hallelujah - Opener

To the Praise and Glory of His Grace

Miracle Man

Clap Your Hands

Come and Meet the Man

Rejoice and Be Glad

Forever His Child

Triumphal Entry (The Holy City)

Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb!"

"Sing to the Lamb Opener"

"Hallelujah Praise the Lamb"

"Sing Now Hosanna"

"First Farewell"

"If I Be Lifted Up"

"Cross Medley"

"Song of the Lamb"

"Easter Song"

"The Wedding of the Lamb"

"Hallelujah Praise the Lamb Reprise"

Resurrection Day

"Were You There - Prelude"

"He is Risen He's Alive!"

"Instead of Me - Interlude I"

"Lonesome Valley"

"The Sacrifice"

"Instead of Me - Interlude II"

"Infinite Price"

"Instead of Me - Interlude III"


"Because I Am"

"Instead of Me"

"Our Sacrifice of Praise"

"He's Coming Back"

"Finale - Love Crucified, Arose"

Worthy is the Lamb

"Worthy is the Lamb"

"He is Worthy"

"His Matchless Work"

"I'll Praise Your Name Lord"

"Let My People Go"

"Shepherd's Lullaby"

"Let God Be God"

"Praise Be To The Father"

The Fourth Cross

"O Come O Come Emmanuel"

"Let Us Break Bread Together"



"Thirty Pieces of Silver"

"Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley" 


"They Led Him Away"

"King of All Kings"

"Father Forgive Them"

"So Deep to Me"

"When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"

"The Unveiled Christ"

"Christ Arose"

"The Stone Was Rolled Away"

"Christ the Lord is Risen Today"

"Where He Leads Me"

"Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone"

"Near the Cross"


The Crimson Bridge

"The Crimson Bridge - Opening"

"Interlude I - Lead Me Back to Calvary"

"Interlude II"

"He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions"

"He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word"

"Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet"

"There Were Three"

"That Day at Calvary"

"Jesus Paid It All"

"If You Only Had One Son"

"If Jesus Were a Man"


Beyond the Tomb

"Easter is Today - Opener"

"I Know That My Redeemer Lives"

"Were You There"

"Who Keeps Tryin' to Roll the Stone?" "

"But I Didn't"

"He Lives"

"The Bread of Heaven"

"Christ the Lord is Risen Today"


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