Worthy is the Lamb

Centered in the majestic gallery of time is the portrait of a lamb. It is the masterpiece of innocence, a stroke of perfection from the brush of God. The lamb's tender beauty and gentle spirit stand in vivid contrast to the solemn role He is to play in the drama of human history.

Alone He waits, quiet and still - ready to offer His life for the lives of men. And yet, even in the face of death, He doesn't make a sound.

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"Worthy is the Lamb - Intro" and "Worthy is the Lamb (Theme)"

"His Matchless Work"

"I'll Praise Your Name Lord"

"Let My People Go"

"Shepherd's Lullaby"

"Let God Be God"

"Praise Be to the Father"

"It is for You"


"Worthy is the Lamb Finale"