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"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" which features many original works by Phil and Lynne Brower also highlights the familiar "The Holy City" and "Hallelujah! What a Savior!"...[More...]

Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb!"

"Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb" which features original works by Phil and Lynne Brower also highlights beloved Good Friday and Easter songs such as "The Old Rugged Cross," "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus," ... [More...]

Resurrection Day

Resurrection Day... the dawn of eternity with God... the day mankind awoke to a world miraculously renewed by the certainty of a promise kept... the reality of a dream come true. So... [More...]

Worthy is the Lamb

Centered in the majestic gallery of time is the portrait of a lamb. It is the masterpiece of innocence, a stroke of perfection from the brush of God. The lamb's tender beauty and gentle spirit stand in vivid contrast to the solemn role He is to play in the drama of human history. [More...]

The Fourth Cross

It was one man's cross that Jesus carried up the hill of Calvary. It was in his place that Jesus knew suffering, pain, and death. The cross on which Jesus died was intended for that other man... the man Barabbas who was in prison for crimes of insurrection and rebellion against the Roman Empire. The rest of the story must be imagined. In any case, THE FOURTH CROSS is the story that might have been. [More...]

The Crimson Bridge

The Crimson Bridge

There is a bridge that joins God and man, a crimson bridge called Calvary." The Crimson Bridge is a graphic description of the miracle of Calvary. The music carries you back to the foot of the cross where you become personally involved in the last hours of Jesus' life. [More...]

Beyond the Tomb

Beyond the Tomb

Easter is more than two ladies talking with three angels beside an empty hole in the ground two thousand years ago. Easter is today! On one hand as old as the sun, on the other as new as the dawn. But to have any real effect on us and our society, we have to make every effort to make the truth apply." This musical, Beyond the Tomb, is a step in that direction.[More...]

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