7 Steps to a Perfect Music Ministry Budget

A Step by Step Guide for Sized Church or Ministry

Money problems never completely go away in churches. The most common problem, of course, is not having enough money. The reason this problem is so widespread is that a growing church’s ministry needs almost always outpace the congregation’s giving level. In a dying church, almost every need outpaces the congregation’s giving level. 

Someone who can manage a budget, and do great ministry within their budget, is a ministry hero. Particularly to the senior pastor and the finance person. 

Do you know how to be a ministry budget hero? The secret is in how you present the numbers. Do it wrong, and people will be asking you where you can cut your request. Do it right, and you may find that they give you more than you asked for (yes…that has happened to me…more than once…).

Which is why you need this book. You can use the 7 Step system year after year…it never gets old. Once you put it in place, which will take just a few hours in most cases, all you’ll have to do is update several pieces of critical information…which you should be able to easily do just by leading your ministry the way you always have.

Included in this EBook are two templates that you can almost copy and paste, which will make it much easier for you to implement.